SIM Solution

We provide a complex dynamic stealth sim card anonymity solution also known as russian stealth sim card for your worldwide communication. As our subscriber you can make calls anonymously from any phone. You don’t need to worry if the Internet access is available or not, our solution is the SIM card. By owning one you can make discrete calls and pretend to be anywhere in the world.


No incoming calls

We are private network.
No one can call, you unless he is on our network
(All VIP customers will get VIP numbers)

No geolocation

Information about the subscriber’s location is not available. The virtual number does not allow compromise the real location or IMEI to anybody for simple reason: We not keeping it.

Legal spoofing

The subscriber can specify the outgoing number range himself (legal spoofing). Number replacement is implemented via the USSD command.

Stealth PBX

Stealth PBX (private branch exchange) location is changed after each call, making russian stealth sim card not possible to determine the subscriber’s location. Temporaty number life time cycle is last for one call.

Cell site protection

SIM-card forced encryption to prevents form the encryption level reduction. All conversations are encrypted according to the A5.1 algorithm. No cell site logs or IMEI trace left.

Voice Changer

Real time inbuild Voice changer transformation function of your voice. It is impossible to identify a subscriber by the phonetic characteristics. (Digital signature breaker function) Digital signature Jammer

Is secure communications legal?

Of course, the services of a secure mobile communications are absolutely legal in most countries worldwide.

Do you disclose information about users?

Under any circumstances, we don’t disclose or transmit information on our customers to third parties. This is our policy.


Secure communications with unlimited calls in roaming!

✓ Cell site protection

✓ No geolocation

✓ IMEI Block

✓ Mesh channels

✓ Static or Dynamic caller ID

✓ Voice changer

✓ Worldwide roaming

✓ No Billing record

✓ Random geolocation

✓ VIP internal number

✓ Stealth Messeges

✓ Work in 160 country's

"Dynamic-sim.com " is an independent mobile operator agent that provides secure communication services in more than 160 countries around the world.

What our customers get?

  1. We produce own anonymous SIM cards for any devices (Standard, Nano, Micro). The specific of our SIM cards is that they provide complete privacy of conversation.
  2. Communication without eavesdropping. Our secure PBX will make all calls encrypted and transmitted via secure communication mesh channels.
  3. Unlimited roaming. In addition to the secure network, we provide the most stable roaming in Europe, Asia, Turkey, the USA and Australia.
  4. Geolocation blocking. Our anonymous SIM cards ignore stealth signals from the interceptor’s base stations (IMSI Catchers), completely removing and blocking the subscriber's geolocation.
  5. Voice changer. Additional safety feature on our network. You can choose one of the available voices (7 different type ) when making an outgoing call.

How is eavesdropping and interception protection implemented?

  • Anonymous SIM cards hide identifiers such as IMEI and IMSI
  • STEALTH command ignoring.
  • All conversations are automatically encrypted according to the A5.1 algorithm.
  • Tracking incoming and outgoing calls from SIM-card is impossible.

Who needs secure telephone connection?

  • Debt Collectors. (Dynamic Sim)
  • Detective agency representatives
  • Investigating authorities and legal organizations representatives.
  • Anyone who want to protect themselves and their phones from data leaks (data breach).

Become MVNO operator and start own business for 5000 €


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How to order an anonymous SIM-card?
    "You can order an anonymous SIM card via website with bitcoin"

  • How long do I have to wait for delivery?
    "Delivery of the secure SIM card is carried on by a courier within 1-3 days."

  • How to top up my balance?
    "You can top up the balance yourself by Bitcoin or wire transfer ."

  • What if I lost the SIM-card?
    "We can not replace sim card. only one option is to buy a new one"

  • Will the responder be able to call me back ?
    "No, a number that remains in the call records of the subscriber you are calling to is invalid. No one can call you, until you tell your phone number."


The price of the service depends on your country of residence and the actual service package you want to buy, as well as the number of minutes or unlimited offer.

Contact us for more offers available in your region


$900 3-month
  • SIM-card cost
  • Dynamic Number
  • Voice substitution
  • Roaming
  • Internet
  • Technical support 24/7
Total cost $900


€300 credit
  • SIM-card cost
  • Dynamic Number
  • Voice substitution
  • Roaming
  • Internet
  • Technical support 24/7
Total cost 400$


€15 credit
  • SIM-card cost
  • Dynamic Number
  • SMS
  • Roaming
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Internet
Total cost $100

We are open for


Want to become a partner or start your own network in your city / region / country?

We have lounch IFF Crytocurenncy MVNO platform

For mor informtion visit www.iff.su

Stealth text

as an example of how to protect your phone number

Today, there are a million ways to hack the phone number and get the owners data through the Internet. We have developed a code to show you how it works. Enter your phone number and check how it work!

You see. Anyone can see your online offline status ?

What to do? And how to protect your phone number from this ? Its simple! To protect your phone number, you need to buy our SIM card. Our SIM cards (Dynamic SIM) have a dynamic number that changes every time when calling and tracking you by sending a "silent SMS" will become not possible as our sim card dont have a static number !!! No one will not be able to break through your sim, because you simply do not have a dynamic number. In this case you can call anywhere in the world, and use random number. Interested? Protect your privacy now! Call or leave a request on the website, and our managers will contact you.

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